Marine Protected Areas and recreational fisheries

20/04/2021 - 20/04/2021

MEP Carvalhais – cohost

The European Commission’s Biodiversity Strategy for 2030 sets two ambitious objectives: legally protecting a minimum of 30% of the EU’s sea area and integrating ecological corridors; and strictly protecting at least a third of the EU’s protected areas.

Recreational anglers and the recreational fisheries sector are taking a keen interest in the topic, as some of the users and potential beneficiaries of a successful management of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) in Europe. Indeed, thriving angling opportunities rely on healthy fish stocks. The sector can play a key role in the design, management and enforcement of MPAs across Europe.

However, existing MPAs often lack the proper management and the continuous control and enforcement of conservation rules that are key for their success, meaning that some MPAs are protected on paper only. Those challenges will need to be addressed in order to protect effectively and efficiently the 30% of the sea needed to reach the objectives set by the Commission.

This webinar will address the state of play of current MPAs, how to protect them, and the role of recreational fishermen to contribute to the success of MPAs.